Branding by KTLLC

Many people use the term re-branding or brand to mean their graphic logo. The visual representation of your company is not the brand – it is what people say about you when you are not in the room! For many companies, growing the business means spending time and resources on increasing market share, introducing new products and expanding retail outlets. In the strategic process, we help your company maximize one of your most valuable assets – your brand. Keith Thorn, LLC has launched and re-branded some outstanding local and national companies. Our expert team will help you:

1. Maximize, identify and connect with influencers and key audiences
2. Establish the right channels to target the desired audience and consumer
3. Apply strategic expertise to increase perceived value and build brand equity

We are strategy specialists who have expertise in the areas that matter, such as critical and creative thinking, social networking and word of mouth – just to name a few. We’ll break through the clutter and noise to deliver the right brand and the right message to the right audience, for your success. We take consulting a step further. We build and develop brands that grow across all digital media.

We find and promote the ‘big idea’ – the platform that your success hinges on. We excel, build, design, organize and implement by providing your business with opportunities for growth simply by developing value and innovations for your customers.