Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary

Quickest SEO and Social Media Summary For SEO, it helps people when they understand is that Google® owns about 90% of the internet of the internet opportunities. They own UTUBE® which is the number 2 player in the digital world. Being one and two leaves very little

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Graduates Find Smartphones


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ most recent 2011 “Job Outlook Spring Update Survey,” employers expect to hire 21 percent more recent college graduates this year than in 2011. Graduating to a smartphone can help new college grads and career seekers optimize their search

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Every business should love Free

Even small businesses can access a variety of free resources for insights about competitors, customers and trends. Before anyone sinks a lot of money into anything, I suggest any business do online research service. Below is only a few in a wealth of free tools and resources

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Imagine Your Photos In 3D


3D Photos technology is several years old and its use was limited but now we see a lot of devices and gadgets from various manufacturers but they are expensive. Another thing which minimizes the use of these devices is the lack of quality content available in the

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Using Twitter to get a company’s attention

company’s Twitter

Here are a few suggestions: Share your problem and tag the company’s Twitter account publicly which means you should include the Twitter handle within your message so all of your followers can see it. We’re finding out that most companies are very serious about Twitter now and

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Digital Dining

Digital Dining

Hungry? Smart phones are changing the way we eat out. Now its age of Digital Dining. Feeling peckish? Gone are the days where those rumbles in your tummy will be solved with a take-out menu or a magazine’s restaurant review. Smart phones and their capacity to quickly

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Your Local Paper Boy Has Been Replaced: Read all about it!

Local Paper Boy

One of my favorite movies is Newsies. A great coming of age movie about the ups and downs of young newspaper boys growing up in the heart of New York City. They woke up bright and early each morning, ready to arm the citizens of the city

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Mobile Gaming: The Choice Between Smartphones and Portable Consoles

Mobile Gaming

Just today, it was announced you can even play ‘Angry Birds’ on Facebook. “Gamer” used to be synonymous with a socially awkward adolescent boy who spent huge chunks of the day in front of the TV or computer screen. Today, that definition has been blown right out

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Mobi Lifestyles Magazine


Sure, in St. Louis you can get numerous food, housing and other ‘Free’ magazines, yet we are launching one to the fastest-growing audience in the world – smartphone-lifestyle users! Whether the readers are smartphone-users or not yet – 90% will be using smartphones in the next 18

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